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Pictures of the Sportevent 2013

This post will be on english, because most of it will only be pictures and all the guys I met at the Sportevent 2013 will know what I’m talking about. Any mistakes you’ll find you can keep it in your mind 😉

A few days ago I showed you some pictures of the football freestyler Patrick Bäurer. He was showing his tricks on the 20th International Sportevent of KARL STORZ in Tuttlingen. In that post I haven’t said a lot about the sportevent itself so you will find some more information in this blogpost.

KARL STORZ Sportevent 2013

Since 20 years KARL STORZ is organizing this International Sportevent in Tuttlingen. For KARL STORZ doing sports is very important because the employees stay healthy and they are more happy too. With the International Sportevent KARL STORZ also wants to get employees together, not only employees who are working in Tuttlingen or Germany but also employees who are working in one of our subsidiaries.

This year teams from Estonia, USA, UK, France and Switzerland participated in this tournament. On saturday there was a soccer tournament and on sunday a volleyball tournament. On each day more than 20 teams competed against each other. It was a very funny weekend and there where a lot of great games to see. Besides playing volleyball myself I was also taking some pictures which you can see below. These are not all of the pictures I took but if I would show you all of the good pictures I’ll have to buy more webspace.

From my point of view this tournament will be unforgettable. I met a few old friends and a lot of new colleagues. It was great to talk face to face to each other and not only via email or phone. Thank you all for this great experience!

btw. don’t ask me why most of the pictures are black & white! 😉

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